Twitter Censorship Devastation: Prior to the run-up to the 2020 presidential race, Zenith News® had an article library of 767,000 news, opinion & historical articles from 250 current sources. We covered news from such disparate sources as Nation of Islam to the Jerusalem Post. We urged our readers to “Trust ZENITH NEWS® to cover all sides of every story”. In a short period of two years, we had made over 260,000 Tweets on Twitter, where we had Over 100,000 followers and made monthly impressions of up to 12 million. As the world now knows the rabid anti-free speech crew dominating Twitter began to censor voices that they deemed unwelcome and Zenith News was one of the targets. As a result our readership – driven from sources such as Facebook and Twitter – plummeted to almost nothing.

With the new leadership at Twitter, our crew decided to take another gamble and revive Zenith News so that the world can go to one place to receive hundreds of views. Our system of “choose your news” and saving of articles was used by thousands of avid readers. In this day of tempest and fury we pray there will be a welcoming, hungry-for-news worldwide audience once again. We have asked Twitter to reinstate us and have asked to be qualified by a blue check. As well, we have sent correspondence to Mr. musk asking him for just an even playing field so we can get started once again on our quest to inform the world of important information from hundreds of new sources.

On twitter we are @zeninews. Look us up, get informed, help us grow!